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    Tuesday 29, October

         If you are planning on using eAgent to its fullest potential, you are most likely considering a VoIP provider to partner with.  There are several options for eAgent compatible vendors, but do you know the extent of their integration and how each can enhance your customer experience, lend a hand with service and support, and ultimately help make your agency more successful? 


    But with all the choices out there, how do you know what you need?  Well it''s easy.  All the VoIP vendors offer the same feature - URL popup.  What does that mean?  It means that when your office receives a call, the VoIP vendor checks the caller ID of the inbound call and cross-references it with eAgent.  If that phone number exists in eAgent, then the client''s account will automatically "pop up".  So before you have the words "thank you for calling Allstate" out of your mouth, you already know who''s on the other end.  Pretty cool, eh?  This is the stuff client experience dreams are made of -- just use your imagination.


    Only one vendor has taken it a step further -- well a few steps, really.  Customer experience is only one, albeit extremely important, facet of your office''s work process.  Here''s another:  Employee productivity and accountability.  Without it, all the client-facing wow factor would evaporate into shoulda, coulda, woulda.  That''s where these extra steps come into play:

    • Inbound and outbound call history and reporting -- Right from within eAgent.  So?  Well have you ever tried to run a detailed call report?  Talk about running, sorting, exporting, filtering, yadda, yadda.  It''s a major pain when you simply want to know when your client has last contacted, or been contacted by, your office. 
    • Right within eAgent, you can see: 1. Date; 2. Time; 3. Length of call; and 4. Who the client talked to.  Yep, your office will never be the same. 
    • Not only that, but again from the eAgent history tab on any client, you can monitor your call recordings for that specific client (yes, you can record your calls and listen to them later!!).  There are a multitude of reasons you would want to do this.  Here are two:  Maintain the high levels of customer service you grew your company with, and now expect from your staff; and E&O.  No more stressing out about  something you can''t control.  You are now protected; you are now in control.

     Lightspeed Voice is the ONLY VoIP vendor offering these advanced functions.

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