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    Tuesday 29, October

         In this day and age of unforgiving competition, customer satisfaction is priority #1, and the second that is forgotten, a business can kiss its customers goodbye.  This is why you need the best tools possible to assist you and your staff in the never-ending quest for customer satisfaction.

          Lightspeed Voice, a premier VoIP vendor, has the communications tools your business needs to ensure the highest levels of customer experience.

          People have the inherent need to feel important.  As clients, we tend to expect a lot out of our service providers, and we don’t envision the hundreds, or even thousands of clients our providers must also support – we’re their one and only, right?

          The problem with communications is that there are so many places where you can “fall off the cliff” and inadvertently give poor customer support – even when you think you’re doing a great job.


    This is where we come in – the PrismPBX by Lightspeed Voice is an all-in-one communications system that provides the boost in service you really need.  It’s the little things that count…


    • Calls getting answered on the first ring
    • Efficient and intelligent routing to quickly get callers to the person who can help them best
    • The ability to identify your clients by name, and your team being able to work together, as part of a well-oiled machine. 


    All of this adds up to enhanced customer experience, more sales, increased satisfaction, and ultimately more money.


     Lightspeed Voicegives your clients a reason to expect more.  Be more than your competition – excel and succeed.  Let us help you design a tailored customer service plan to suit your unique client base.  We are able to provide best-practice and frequently used setup methods and policies for call routing, delivery, and ultimate client satisfaction.

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