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    How does your current phone company stack up against Lightspeed Voice? Are you happy with their ability to tend to your needs quickly and efficiently? Do they make you feel important and needed? Our priority is "over-the-top" customer service, and because of this, we receive daily accolades from our customers. Check out our "true" customer service ratings from our latest 100 customer service tickets.

    At Lightspeed Voice, we're not happy unless YOU are happy!

    Not all customers leave a comment with their rating, but here are some who do. These ratings and comments can change by the minute. Feel free to come back later and see what else has been said about us!

    Our Latest Feedback
    • Every time I talk to someone at Lightspeed I am impressed with their politeness and ability to do exactly what we a… https://t.co/dkg9ngWo7x
    • Justin was an absolute sweetheart and absolutely knowledgeable! Please send him next time I have a problem!!!
    • Extremely helpful and patient. Walked through all of the possible issues and helped us narrow down the root of the problem.
    • Disappointed that for the 3rd month I'm having to deal with this issue.
    • I can see automatic outgoing texts from my plans, so it's great! Thank you!
    • Very impressed with the speed and proficiency of service. I submitted a ticket and within minutes I received help with my issue. Thank you.
    • Adjusted hours for the holidays - easy to do so should work.
    • Always pleased with the service. Thank you for your help!
    • You all did a great job helping me understand this. Thank you so much!
    • I am very satisfied and very greatful that TJ was able to finally resolve an issue that we were having. He is absol… https://t.co/dppM6basfm
    • Thank you so much for helping with this request. It is always important to be able to report on an extension's acti… https://t.co/iN9aSbXu5a
    • Your team is always wonderful, you are always kind, courteous and professional. Thanks !!
    • Always Good Service, Thank you
    • Looks like your rating site had a refresh. Thanks for the quick action here.
    • you are the best. I recommend you to any new agent and any agent looking for service....
    • We had excellent service from everyone we have recently worked with at Light Speed! We had an incident where a call… https://t.co/tF4Zcp95fz
    • My request was sent in error. It had nothing to do with light speed. Thanks
    • Michael Fieser was extremely helpful, patient & knowledgeable.
    • Whenever we call in for anything you all are helpful and courteous. Always. Thank you for you amazing service!
    • Justin is absolutely fantastic!! I am so glad I switched from fonality to lightspeed! Keep up the awesome customer service!
    • all good!
    • Bryan was super quick in getting me fixed up! Thanks for your help!
    • Great support as always!
    • Everyone I have talked to lately has done a great job!
    • Was there more than one ticket open for this, because I already did this.
    • Everyone is always very patient with me and helpful.
    • Dan did a real good job. Very professional.
    • excellent service
    • Took me thru several things and was a great help.
    • Justin is super great!

    Lightspeed Voice offers your business the communications advantage of a “Fortune 500” at a fraction of the cost over traditional phone systems. We achieve this by releasing you from the expensive, obsolete, and inadequate telephone lines and moving your voice communications into the 21st Century through state-of-the-art high speed data connectivity.

    Our fully hosted system is not tied to your physical location and is not disrupted by your local power or internet interruptions. Forget the worry of disaster planning or data loss, with Lightspeed, all of your voice communications are powered 100% by Cisco Systems networking equipment in a fully redundant, professional data center.

    With PrismPBX, Click2Call, and AgentSync, Lightspeed Voice puts you in total control of your business. From Clients to Employees, you can manage your entire communications system from your office, home, or anywhere around the world. Lightspeed understands the needs of small business and has designed as system that allows you to run your agency as effectively as any business on the planet.

    With Lightspeed you have Everything Under Control.

    • Control Cost
    • Control Risks
    • Control Features
    • Control Locations
    • Control Interruptions
    • Control Client Response
    • Control Human Resources