Welcome to your Lightspeed Future of Tomorrow

where your sales performance
is insanely unreal and connecting
to your clients is ridiculously easy.

where your office almost runs itself, your clients are deliriously happy, and your close rates are beyond your wildest dreams!

where your sales performance
is insanely unreal and connecting
to your clients is ridiculously easy.

where you’re smarter, faster, more attractive, and your clients love you forever.

No, really... Lightspeed makes it easy to run your office, please your clients, and close deals! That’s because we automate your processes and give you intelligent reports, so you can focus on connecting withyour customers and maximizing your time.

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No, really... Lightspeed Voice® connects your business, gives you dynamic contact plans, and automates your sales processes so you can maximize your time and stay connected with your customers.

Fully Featured Phone and Communications Platform + Automated Sales Performance Tools that Let You be Amazing.

Everything you need!

We've designed Lightspeed Quantum to bring together a plug-n-play phone system and sales automation tools that make it easy to automate processes, close deals, and do what you do best: connect with customers!

Lightspeed Quantum

Combines a Fully Featured Communications Platform with Automated Sales Performance Tools.

More than Just Talk

Lightspeed Connect is for managers and owners looking to improve client experience, elevate their business’s performance, and connect their staff with a fully supported, easy to use, customizable client communications platform.

Greater Connection

  • Multi Location
  • Call Magnet
  • Work Remote
  • Hunt Groups

Higher Intelligence

  • Call Recording
  • Custom Call Routing
  • Detailed Reports

Increased Control

  • Health Redirect
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Secure Access
  • Time Cop
  • Music on Hold

Superior Support

  • US Based Team
  • Amazing Support
  • Integrations

Beyond Automations

Lightspeed Automate is designed to help you connect with clients and solve their problems. Automate processes, customize their experiences, and identify your best lead generators with reporting and touch histories.

Improved Connection

  • Proprietary Dialer
  • Bulk Prospect Addition
  • Custom Call Disposition
  • Activity History

Enhanced Performance

  • Cutting-Edge Dialer
  • User and Sales Activity Reporting
  • Consolidated Text Inbox
  • Dynamic Contact Stategies

Advanced Automation

  • Automated Texts and Emails
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Preloaded Follow-Up Plans

Dedicated Support

  • Team Management
  • Lead Management
  • Weblead integrations

Ready for your Lightspeed Future of Tomorrow?

Say HELLO to a fully featured communications platform and automated sales performance tools that are reliable, easy to use, and save you money!

We’ve got the tech and the experience to have your back.

Since 2009, we’ve gone above and beyond for our clients, crafting solutions tailored to their needs. From attentive onboarding to white glove customer service, we’re passionate about getting people connected.

Ready for your Lightspeed
Future of Tomorrow?

You're probably tired of the high prices and frustrations of today's office phone systems and traditional CRMs. Lightspeed gives you what you need to increase sales and makes it easy to stay connected with your customers.

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