Ultramodern Solutions, Over-The-Top Service

Our tech offerings and support team go above and beyond to deliver comprehensive solutions, customized to your needs!

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Unstoppable Tech,
Unreal Uptime

  • Carrier grade facilities
  • Located on critical telecommunication hubs
  • Fully redundant on all levels
  • 99.999% service uptime

Equipment Redundancy

Our data center equipment is top-of-the-line and fully redundant. That means, no matter what happens, your service is protected by equipment spread across the country, remaining fast and reliable.

Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers means we’re in control. We give you a virtualized environment on your own dedicated virtual machine, custom fit for your unique CPU, RAM, and disk space needs.

Data Centers

Our data centers are connected to each other via private fiber optic networks, strategically positioned around the country to maintain close proximity to you, no matter where you are!

Points of Presence

We maintain numerous points of presence to give you better service. Connecting at the right point increases your internet’s speed and quality and protects you from interruption.

The Lightspeed network is purposefully built with multiple Data Centers and Points of Presence that reduce latency and improve quality!

Map of Lightspeed's Data Centers and Points of Presence in the United States.
Star symbol symbolizing Physcal Presence on map.
Physical Presence
Dot symbol symbolizing data centers on the map.
Data Centers

A More Reliable “Cloud”

Our backend infrastructure is robust, infinitely scalable, and proprietary. We rejected the common public cloud platforms and built our own “cloud” on hardware that we own and control.

Data center
Data center
Data center
Data center

Custom Crafted Tech

Our platform is designed in-house so we have complete control of your solutions!

Have a unique need we can solve? Our team can provide custom fixes, from individualized scripts to tailored product configurations. We use YOUR feedback to modify our tech to best work for you!

Beyond White Glove

We serve clients in all 50 states with over-the-top support!


Our onboarding team is all about understanding your business challenges and matching you with the right solutions. They make your transition into the world of Lightspeed seamless and help get your business up to speed.

Custom Solutions

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all tech. From customized servers to meet your  communication requirements to tailored scripts, we go above and beyond to ensure your solutions are fit for you.

White Glove
Customer Experience

From installation to implementation and staff training, we give you the royal treatment. Our whatever-it-takes attitude ensures that your needs are quickly met with solutions for the duration of your service contract.

Customer Service

Our US-based customer service team is laser-focused on providing over-the-top service. Their technical skills and training are unmatched, consistently earning them an average satisfaction rating in excess of 99%.

Ready for your Lightspeed Future?

Say HELLO to a fully featured communications platform and automated sales performance tools that are reliable, easy to use, and save you money!