The Campaign Registry (TCR)

A New Chapter in Messaging.
The Campaign Registry (TCR) is the reputation authority for business messaging on 10DLC.

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New Standards

In 2021, mobile carriers established new restrictions on business SMS traffic sent from text-enabled phone numbers, known as "10DLC" (10 Digit Long Code), adhering to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association's standards.


Mobile carriers have made it mandatory for all businesses sending out SMS to self-register with The Campaign Registry (TCR). Otherwise, their SMS traffic will be blocked and prevented from reaching the intended recipients.


Lightspeed Voice has made the registration process easier by introducing the self-registration feature inside the Quantum Portal. It is available now, and we highly recommend starting registration as soon as possible.

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Campaign Registry (TCR) Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers related to The Campaign Registry (TCR) regarding your usage and setup.

What is the Campaign Registry (TCR)?
The Campaign Registry (TCR) addresses the growing concern over unsolicited text messages and the potential harm they can cause consumers. The Campaign Registry is in place to help businesses comply with the new regulations. Lightspeed Voice provides guidance and resources to help companies comply with these regulations to avoid penalties for non-compliance.
When is the deadline to get registered with the Campaign Registry?
April 1st, 2023, is the deadline by which you must register. Waiting until close to April 1st will likely result in the process not being completed on time. Campaign text messages sent after this date will be blocked if not registered. We suggest you start registration as soon as possible.
Why is there a fee to use the Campaign Registry?
TCR manages the national Do Not Call registry and enforces regulated telemarketing, such as the Telemarketing Sales Rule and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Fees paid by businesses cover the cost of TCR registry services.
What happens if you do NOT register your campaigns with the Campaign Registry?
If you do not register your campaigns with TCR, you may violate regulations that require businesses in organizations to obtain explicit consent from recipients before sending text messages for marketing and other commercial purposes. Non-registered number texts could result in consumer complaints, legal action from regulatory agencies, and potential penalties from TCR.
What penalties for text messaging non-compliance with the Campaign Registry can occur?
Penalties may vary depending on the specific laws and regulations violated and the severity and frequency of those violations. These penalties may include blocking of messages, suspension, termination of service, and fines.
If you have violated the Campaign Registry for sending unauthorized text messages, is it possible to become unblocked?
You can identify the cause of the block, attempt to correct the issue, request unblocking, and wait for your approval. Unblocking isn't guaranteed, especially if the violation is severe or ongoing.
Why does Lightspeed Voice require you to register your text messages with the Campaign Registry?
Lightspeed Voice requires you to register text messaging with TCR to comply with regulations set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and wireless carriers.
How long does registering with the Campaign Registry take?
Lightspeed Voice directs you to register as soon as possible, as full registration time can be lengthy. There are three essential steps to completion. First, you need to register your brand. Second, you will go through a vetting process. Third, you'll select your campaign and wait for the approval. To minimize delays, you must provide accurate and complete information when submitting your registration.
What happens if the Campaign Registry rejects your text message campaign?
If TCR rejects your text message campaign, it does not meet the requirements for compliance. There are a few possible reasons; however, if rejected, you will be notified by TCR and given specific reasons for the rejection. Addressing any issues with your campaign will be essential to ensure you comply with all relevant regulations and best practices.
What is third-party vetting in the Campaign Registry?
Third-party vetting in the Campaign Registry refers to a process by which TCR may require an additional layer of review and approval from an independent third-party service provider before approving a text message campaign. By requiring additional vetting, TCR can help minimize the risk of non-compliance and reduce the likelihood of fines, penalties, and other consequences arising from non-compliant campaigns.
Is the Campaign Registry just a money grab by the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs)?
While it is true that there are fees associated with registering text message campaigns with TCR, these fees are used to cover the cost of operating in maintaining the registry. The TCR fees are comparable to those set by other industry organizations that provide similar services.
I only use texting to send one message at a time and don't send them in mass/bulk. Do I still have to register?
Yes, users texting with Lightspeed Voice must register no matter the number of text messages they send.
Are these fees originated from Lightspeed?
No, this is a regulatory fee from the Campaign Registry
What key information do I need to prepare prior to doing the TCR registration?
Your EIN and basic company information.
What is a brand ID?
A brand ID is an important set of information used to identify the originator of an SMS. It helps to authenticate business communications and protect against impersonation. A brand is a company or entity a customer perceives as responsible for communicating with them. It helps build trust and loyalty between the customer and the business. Usually, when a brand is mentioned it is referring to the legal entity name of a business. For example, if an Insurance Agency, Smith Insurance, sends SMS marketing to its end customers using Lightspeed Voice, the brand would be identified as Smith Insurance.
What is a Campaign ID?
A campaign can provide important insights into how you're leveraging your phone numbers to send out SMS. AI allows you to assess and monitor the effectiveness of your messaging initiatives, making it easier to see what works best for your business. Companies rarely have more than one brand identity, however, depending on their need for SMS services and other marketing channels, they may have multiple campaign identities. For example, if an insurance agency Smith Insurance wants to send meeting reminders to its customers via SMS, the campaign ID for that usage would be "meeting reminders."


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