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Benefits of VOIP for Small Businesses

According to a study, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are projected to grow more than 15% in the VOIP market by 2025. This growth is based on two factors – increasing remote work trends and smaller budgets. So, what makes VOIP so appealing? Let’s explore the benefits of VOIP for small businesses.

1.  Saves Money

VOIP saves a great deal of money in plenty of ways. Here is how it can help you to minimize operating costs:

  • VOIP handsets are more affordable than traditional telephones.
  • Video conferencing and teleconferencing ensure that employees don’t have to visit the office to attend a meeting, cutting travel costs from company cars or plane tickets. In the case of virtual employees, VOIP can also save costs related to retraining, recruiting, and office space.
  • Your company doesn’t have to manage two separate networks for phones and data.
  • VOIP costs for international and domestic calls are significantly cheaper. If your clients and team members are spread around the globe, VOIP could be hugely beneficial for cutting corners.

2.  Integrates With Your Business Applications

Since VOIP relies on Internet, integrating it with business applications is a piece of cake. Embracing VOIP allows you to boost the productivity of your business applications. For example, you could integrate it with your email system, allowing your customer representatives to make calls through the email system itself.

On a similar note, you can integrate VOIP with your CRM system. This way, you can consolidate the call records of all customers and analyze them to acquire valuable insights.

3.  Scales Easily

Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of VOIP over a traditional telephone system. You can easily add or remove phone lines (known as call paths) to meet your demand. You can even ship it to your customers, and all they need to do is to plug and play.

4.  Brings a Vast Array of Features to the Table

VOIP systems provide a wide range of features that can improve operational proficiency and productivity. For instance, VOIP lets you forward voicemails to texts or emails. Similarly, you can use VOIP via a mobile app and even communicate via instant messaging. Therefore, if you have a customer who is more comfortable over text than a telephone call, a VOIP system can give the required flexibility.

As a business owner, you can send notifications to customers via business SMS, keeping up with your busy life and handling business operations with considerable ease.

Although you can find advanced features like instant messaging, video conferencing, conference services, reporting, advanced statistics, and call recording in conventional telephone services too, they are not cost-friendly for small businesses.

This is where a reputed cloud-based IP telephone provider like Lightspeed Voice can set up an affordable and reliable VOIP system that makes sure you can compete with the bigger companies without sacrificing modern communication features.

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