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Wealthbox: A Powerful New Option for Financial Advisers

Integrations allow you to combine your customer relationship management tools with your phone system. Lightspeed Voice’s integrations allow you to streamline your workflow, saving you time and money throughout the day. Our latest integration with Wealthbox is quintessential for any financial advisor trying to up their game.

What is Wealthbox?

Wealthbox is a CRM with features and reports designed specifically for Financial Advisors. They are dedicated to providing a modern and intuitive design and user experience. It does this by keeping all of your financial data in one place, such as your bank account, credit card and loans. You can then use the data to see how you are doing over time, compare it to others in your industry, or set goals for future success.

What can an integration with Lightspeed Voice and Wealthbox offer me?

The deep integration with Lightspeed Voice adds money to your bottom line with its time-saving features. 

When you, as an advisor, receive a call from a client, that client’s corresponding Weathbox contact record will automatically launch when you answer the phone- saving you time from having to search for the client and pull up their information and notes.

Additionally, a client note will automatically be added to the client record within Wealthbox. This note includes a history of the client’s phone call with a timestamp of when the call occurred and a link to the recording that can be replayed at any time.

I’m interested: now what?                                                                        

If you’re interested in Wealthbox, visit to sign up for your free trial or to contact them with any questions.

If you’re not yet a Lightspeed Voice user, give us a call at 877.97.VOICE or navigate to the Contact Us portion of our website to request a demo.

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