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The Campaign Registry

If you use an application for texting through Lightspeed Voice, Hawksoft, NowCerts, or a similar platform, you may have heard about the changes coming to texting for your business.

If not, (or if you just have some questions), never fear. We’re going to break down some of the most common questions we’ve received about these federal changes to texting and how it might affect your business.

Visit our Campaign Registry page HERE!

What is The Campaign Registry? 

The Campaign Registry is a third party company that was sanctioned through the federal government to help regulate application to person (A2P) messaging.Their mission is to provide simple, fair, and unbiased texting standards for carriers to help reduce the amount of spam messages being sent to consumers. 

The Campaign Registry, or TCR, provides a central hub for mobile carrieres to enforce their new rules in one place. 

What does TCR mean for my business? 

Any numbers that are used for texting from an application to an end user for marketing purposes will be required to register their numbers. Your company, otherwise known as your brand, must register every number you use for texting.

If your brand has multiple numbers used for the same purpose, those numbers will be condensed into one campaign. There is currently no limit to the numbers that can be included in one campaign. However, they typically must be used for the same type of work, (sales, notifications, reminders, marketing, etc.). 

After your numbers are registered, some mobile carriers will assign your campaign a class or a tier based on a vetting process. Vetting can involve a series of in depth questions and example texts in order to properly place you within the correct class. If you do not agree with the messaging class assigned, you may request an external vetting from a third party provider for a fee. Lightspeed Voice is not involved with the vetting process. 

One time fees, as well as monthly charges, will be applied to every campaign. The fees imposed will be determined by individual mobile carriers and will not be a lump sum amount. These fees are being passed directly from mobile carriers into your Lightspeed Voice account.

Some carriers will adhere to individual codes of conduct for messaging through their networks. It is up to the brand using A2P messaging to abide by any carrier’s specific rule set. Lightspeed Voice has no control over the rules set in place by mobile carriers; however, we can help you navigate them for your own success.

What happens if I don’t register my A2P numbers?

Unregistered numbers can be fined, blocked, or given stricter limitations on messaging per mobile carriers rules. Companies, such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, also have the right to block messages coming from an unregistered number. Continual texting with unregistered numbers will be charged substantially higher rates than registered numbers. 

Lightspeed Voice will not support unregistered numbers and the only way to unblock numbers or receive lower rates is to register all numbers.

How do I register with TCR?

Lightspeed Voice has made it simple to get your numbers entered with TCR. Be sure to have all pertinent business information ready, such as your employer identification number and a list of your numbers used to text prior to starting. Once you have filled out our forms within the Quantum interface, we’ll take care of registering your numbers. Any questions or concerns will be communicated to your team prior to registering.

Although this is the most up to date information on TCR, the rules and regulations are variable. We will continue to provide the most up to date information as possible as it comes available.

If you have any additional questions, send us an email at or call us at 877.97.VOICE

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